psych insight


"I engaged Naomi for challenging team and individual development projects and was highly satisfied in both cases. Despite the complexity of the issues and very diverse characters involved, she was able to accurately identify root causes driving behaviours, which were causing sub optimum performance. Naomi then presented the information back in a highly effective "no nonsense" communication style that really influenced all the stakeholders to want to change.

She went onto utilise a broad variety of proven high impact techniques to drive the new behaviours the group and individuals committed to. The results were excellent and in most cases immediate but to ensure sustainability, Naomi went on to maintain contact to ensure no return to the previous state."


"I have used Naomi Harrison for consulting support for over 7 years now in both Australia and the UK. In my role of HR Director at both Avery Dennison Office Products and Integ Communications Solutions, Naomi has assisted me to drive organisational change by providing expertise in the areas of executive and leadership coaching, defining and developing leadership competencies and 360 degree feedback.

I have chosen to use Naomi because of the following strengths. Most importantly Naomi’s professionalism and integrity is unquestionable. Naomi quickly understands a business situation intuitively and then achieves results through challenge and questioning. Naomi uses her knowledge and experience not to give the answers but to support the leader to find their own solution. On a personal level Naomi is a great thought partner. I cannot recommend her highly enough."


"Over the past seven months I have been fortunate to have worked with Naomi Harrison of Psych Insight as part of a Leadership Development Program. At the outset of this executive coaching assignment, Naomi and I identified and established a range of leadership development objectives that we set about addressing.

I found Naomi to be an ideal combination of genuine business experience backed by the theoretical knowledge of human behaviour. Naomi was able to simplify the complexities of some deep-rooted thinking to allow me to better observe myself and thereby develop new techniques and behaviours. Naomi was both structured in her approach as well as being readily available and easily accessible at short notice for moments of ad-hoc coaching.

I would highly recommend Naomi for a similar executive coaching assignment."