psych insight

Why Psych Insight?

Psych Insight is Naomi Harrison, a registered consulting psychologist and executive coach. But when she works together with your organisation, she becomes part of your business. Think of her as an impartial advisor who can help with high potential performers and challenging people management issues.

As an executive coach and HR consultant Naomi Harrison
has come up with solutions to problems like these:

  • Our newly-appointed CEO needs to improve his presentation skills to help him communicate more effectively with stakeholders
  • We have a manager who needs to develop people management skills to deal with unproductive team members
  • Our psychological testing and interview training needs improvement to help us with candidate selection
  • We have a senior executive who needs behavioural coaching to improve her ability to develop and share a vision

Reenergising people without the psycho-babble

Naomi specialises in no-nonsense coaching and development to help people identify the barriers preventing them from reaching their full potential. Her style is supportive but she won’t shy away from giving direct feedback. Naomi is experienced in giving people insight into their behaviour, as well as finding the solutions that work for them. Together, Naomi and the organisation focus on practical feedback, on-the-job development initiatives and clear development plans. Your managers and executives get the tools they need to meet goals, improve their focus or take that next career step with confidence.

A seasoned career coach and consulting psychologist

  • 1Naomi has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Master of Arts in Psychology and a Masters in International Business
  • 2Naomi understands business requirements so her focus is on practical commercial solutions
  • 3Naomi has worked with companies like Cadbury Schweppes and PDI Australia on projects ranging from global graduate programs, recruitment and talent management to executive coaching and outplacement services
  • 4Naomi has strong international experience, having delivered programs in more than 20 countries over 17 years
  • 5She is not tied to a particular methodology so Naomi is open-minded when it comes to solving people problems
  • 6Naomi gets excited about helping businesses and being part of the solution!